Past Productions ScripTease

To date, we have produced over 80 readers theatre events. Many are premieres of original works by local playwrights*, and many have gone on to a full production**.

At the Cafe Mila in Godalming and Electric Theatre Cafe Bar, Guildford from Oct 2017 to present…

THE MAN OF DESTINY by Bernard Shaw 12 Jan 2018, Cafe Mila, 16 Jan Cafe Bar
MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, LUX Radio Theatre adaptation, 1 Dec Cafe Mila, 4 Dec Cafe Bar 2017
A SONG AT TWILIGHT by Noël Coward, 3rd Nov Cafe Mila & 7 Nov Cafe Bar, 2017

At the Cafe Mila in Godalming, from 2014 to June 2017…

AUSTEN’S ARTIFICE* **, compiled by Kate Napier, 9 June 2017

MURDER IN THE MUD BATH* **, by Rowan Suart 21 April 2017 as a special dinner theatre fund raiser at Wilford Noyce Centre, Godalming

COWARDS OF US ALL*, by Lynda Strudwick 10 Mar 2017

Lux Radio Theatre adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s REBECCA, 17 Feb 2017

PRE-BURNS NIGHT, a celebration of the Scottish Bard, compiled by Mairi-Claire MacLean (and her mum) 13 Jan 2017.

IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, adapted for radio, Dec 16, 2016

VOICES FROM THE GREAT WAR, Words and music from the First World War, compiled by Edie Campbell. Friday 11 Nov 2016

POEMS THAT MAKE GROWN WOMEN CRY, excerpts from the Amnesty International publication, edited by Anthony & Ben Holden. Friday 7 October at Cafe Mila, Godalming, and Wednesday Oct 12, 2016 at St Nicolas Community Centre, Guildford as part of the Guildford Book Festival.

MISS IN HER TEENS, or The Medley of Lovers, by David Garrick, June 17, 2016.

CAN ANY MOTHER HELP ME, fifty years of friendship through a secret magazine, an original adaptation of the book by Jenna Bailey, created by Foursight Theatre, devised by the company, scripted by Sarah Thom. Directed by Edie Campbell

YOU GIVE ME FEVER* **, the Phaedra cabaret, by Jack Lynch.
GRAPPLE*, by Paul Brooks, a new script by a local playwright developed through the writers group WriteOne.
THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY* **, adapted by Christopher Dennis and Ruben Crow
 ROTTEN PERFECT* **, by Claire Parker, will the great theatrical team of Ellen Terry and Henry Irving survive?
 DICKENS’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL (the Boston Broadcast of 1932) adapted and scripted by Bill Galarno
NOEL & GERTIE, an entertainment devised by Sheridan Morley
THE HAIRLESS MEZZO*, a new adaptation of Ionesco’s LA CANTATRICE CHAUVE, by Jack Lynch (with Ray Murphy, Kate Napier and Edie Campbell)
IMMORTALITY*, by Lynda Strudwick, a new script regarding the Lyceum Theatre in the 1890s.
EVEN IF WE LOOSE OUR LIVES, scripted by Christine Bacon (with Amnesty International Guildford)
SEX, by Mae West.
SUBSIDENCE* by Leighton Carter, a new script by local playwright developed through the writers group WriteOne.
DICKENS’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL (the Boston Broadcast of 1932) adapted and scripted by Bill Galarno

Star Inn, Guildford from 2012 to 2014:
TOP GIRLS, by Caryl Churchill at the Star Inn, Guildford
THE LITTLE BOOK OF PRISON, from the book by Frankie Owens, adapted by Paul Brooks and Frankie Owens, at the Star Inn, Guildford.
HOLD MY HAND*, by Leighton Carter.  The priceless tale of an unlikely bond between a wanna-be actress and an autistic man.  Sometimes the carer is in greater need of care.
A WINTER CELEBRATION: poems, short stories and music just right for the winter holidays.
I TAKE YOUR HAND IN MINE, by Carol Rocamora, taken from the love letters between Anton Chekhov and Olga Knipper.
IDENTITY CRISIS* by Lynda Strudwick and KEYSTONE* by Guy de Ferrer, two new plays by local playwrights that have come out of WriteOne, a local playwrights group.
8 a new play by Dustin Lance Black, an unprecedented account of the US Federal District court case to overturn Proposition 8 which eliminated gay and lesbian couples’ right to marry in California in 2008.
POEMS THAT MAKE GROWN MEN CRY, in partnership with Guildford Group Amnesty International: readings from the Amnesty International publication edited by Anthony and Ben Holden. Performed in the Assembly Rooms at the Guildford Institute with Anthony and his son Ben present for the performance.
NOT GOOD PEOPLE*, by Paul Brooks, a political black comedy, at The Star Inn, Guildford.  A new script developed through the writers group WriteOne.

The Electric Theatre Cafe Bar in Guildford from 2009 to 2012:
THE WOMEN OF LOCKERBIE, by Deborah Brevoort, for 7 voices
THE NATIVE* **, by Christopher Hanvey, performed by the playwright
THE TINIEST POEM IN THE WORLD*, by Gareth Strachen, for 2 voices
SELF-MADE GIRLS*, by Annie Reilly (with projections), performed by the playwright
SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER, by Ariel Dorfman (with projections), for 10 voices
THE WAY TO KEEP HIM**, by Arthur Murphy, for 7 voices
OLD ABE* **, by Hugh Steadman Williams, multi-media, psuedo-documentary for 2 voices
PALESTINE MONOLOGUES, scripted by Sonja Linden, an iceandfire theatre script
HIM (excerpts) by E.E. Cummings, for 5 voices
CONSIDER THIS..* **. by Jack Lynch, a new play inspired by stories from The Forgiveness Project, for 7 voices (a work in progress)
FALL TALES directed by Kate Napier, readings of autumnal tales and poems to take us into the night
WAR OF THE WORLDS, a reading of the famous Orson Welles’ Mercury Theatre adaptation of HG Wells famous story
ANOTHER SKY, readings adapted from the English PEN publication
CELEBRATING CHEKHOV, Brian Friel’s adaptation of THE BEAR, and his original work AFTERPLAY
THE STUFF OF LOVE, readings from loves scenes and poetry old and new in celebration of Love
ANIMAL MAGNETISM**, Mrs Elizabeth Inchbald’s hilarious 18th Century farce
RENDITION MONOLOGUES, and iceandfire script scripted by Christine Bacon
F Scott Fitzgerald 3 Short Comedies, THE CAMEL’S BACK, PORCELAIN & PINK, and MR ICKY
AN IDEAL HUSBAND (reduced)** , Oscar Wilde’s famous comedy in a slimmed-down version
AUSTIN’S ARTIFICE* ** (originally titled READING HISTORIES AND DRAWING PULLETS), studies in the Sensitive and Sensible from Jane Austin, by Kate Napier
DRACULA, a reading from The Mercury Theatre On The Air archive, by Orson Welles
MELT*, by Paul Brooks.  Can a disgraced environmentalist find redemption in the frozen wastes of the South Pole?
POST MODERN*, by Gareth Strachan.  Becket, Behn, Brecht, Chekhov, Ibsen, Pinter and Shakespeare find themselves in a small postal office sorting letters to be delivered… absurdist mayhem!
AFGHAN MONOLOGUES, an iceandfire script scripted by Christine Bacon
THE USES OF POETRY* – Poemusic an evening of original songs and poems by John Powls, music by Hilary Harwood
THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER & I SAW MYSELF RUNNING two stories just right for Halloween.
A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE** by Oscar Wilde, another Artifice reading of another Oscar Wilde classic.
A WINTER COLLECTION, poems, short stories and music just right for the winter holidays.
MESSAGE FOR…* by Paul Brooks, a comedy of errors as told through phone messages and texts.
BON TON OR HIGH LIFE BELOW STAIRS** by David Garrick, an 18th Century farce.
2 One-Acts by Susan Glaspell: TRIFLES and THE PEOPLE
30 ARTICLES OF DECLARATION, reading of ‘success’ stories of human rights winning against incredible odd, framed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948.