Artifice has been successfully producing ‘classical plays in beautiful places’ since 2010. We’ve performed for festivals, conferences, visitors, guests and general audiences, to ages from 9 to 90. It has always been our aim to add an educational programme to our repertory. With 2016, we are moving into our next phase of development, which will include realising this aim.

We want to ensure that what we produce will be as relevant and useful to students and teachers as it possibly can be. We work with texts which don’t often appear on mainstream theatre programmes; we have a very specific, but simple performance style which offers a uniquely intimate experience for audiences. We are always on the lookout for new texts to work with. We are therefore ideally placed to bring to your school/college live performances of plays which students might not otherwise be able to see, supported by workshops and/or Q&A sessions which will give them insights into text, context and performance.

We’re applying for Arts Council funding, which we intend will enable us to bring our work to you free, or at very low cost.

For a quick indication of how our repertoire might support your teaching and learning, see the diagram below:

OCR A Level English

We regularly review our repertoire, and are always very happy to hear from teachers or lecturers, or students, what plays/texts it would be useful for you to have supported by performance or by workshop. Please get in touch. Our Artistic Director, Kate Napier, will be very happy to come and talk to you about our work and your ideas and needs.

Excellent performance and insight into ‘Sense and Sensibility’

Lovers’ Vows can stand alone, without the Mansfield Park connection, though that is an attraction.

A new experience to follow the actors, not sit down and face the front