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£10, £7 concs

Saturday 20 Feb, 8pm

Café Mila

1 Angel Court Godalming

tickets on sale at the door only

Cafe opens at 6:30 for supper

GK Chesterton’s

The Man Who Was Thursday

adapted by Christopher Dennis

& Ruben Crow

“There are seven members of the Central Anarchist Council, named after the days of the week. 

Our President is called Sunday.

Some call him Bloody Sunday.”

upcoming ScripTease

February 20 GK Chesteron's

March 11 Grapple,

another new script

from Paul Brooks

April 15  Mad About the Boy,

the Phaedra Caberet

by Jack Lynch

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rehearsed readings of scripts old and new

phase 1 funded in part by

Arts Council England,

Initiatives of Change UK Opportunities Fund,

Westminster Productions,

The Irene Prestwich Trust,

The Phyllis Konstam Memorial Trust,  and

The Guildford Borough Council

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consider this...

slide show

a new multi-media theatre event

conceived and directed by Jack Lynch

inspired by and in association with

original songs by Razia Aziz

original film by Lloyd Miller

What is forgiveness? Is it always possible? Is it a show of courage or weakness? What does it cost? Come and meet Canta Dora, a singer storyteller who collects stories ‘that need to be told’, who meets Pews, a ‘poor wayfaring stranger’, a refugee from his past.  Together, through true narratives of forgiveness, they explore the breadth and depth of this theme as Dora invites Pews to ‘consider this...’


JUNE 20-22, 2012

Very healing, the idea of forgiveness.  Very powerful realizing that memories are only memories and in the past.

I found this deeply moving and healing.  Thank you.

A thought-provoking realistic look at life as it is

I got a lot out of the performance, and it has explained my emotions following a family tragedy

I feel forgiveness for wrong to my own family is a positivity to consider & would help me.  Before tonight I thought I couldn’t forgive; now it seems the best option to move forward.

Extremely moving and powerful.  Affected me at a deep level.

A brave piece and moving because of it

Forgiveness is very difficult

A very powerful and moving performance

A potent source for healing


Glad you put the helpline numbers in the programme

Memorable phrase: “perpetrator or victim?” and “unconditional love is a practice”

I hope you will be able to have a national tour.  This is what we all need: forgiveness, kindness – to ourselves, too.

Excellent, interesting and informative

Fabulous production

Awareness, education, inspiration all achieved. 

Brilliantly done.

I was surprised by how moving it was.

Honesty and authenticity


The man I invited commented after the show “Thank you for inviting me along, I shall remember that show for the rest of my life.”

Like the bit that distinguishes memory and the present moment.

The film sequences were especially interesting

The videos grabbed me as they were enlightening and moving

The filmed stories were very powerful

I loved the film sections.  I cried.

Every one of the stories are heart-touching

The stories were very powerful and had a lot to teach

I liked the variety of people and stories

The music enhanced the performance

The songs told profound truths in a lighter medium

The music enhanced the emotional content and depth

The music was very inspirational & eclectic & universal  - familiar and mysterious like life

The songs lightened up the tension

I thought the original music was the perfect partner to the story

I especially liked the Talkback session

Talkback showed how many people are active in this healing work one way or another

Thank you!  I can honestly say that I enjoyed ‘Consider This’ more than ‘War Horse’ which I saw in London.

I will definitely see it again when you go on tour, and bring people with me

Would come to see it again if I could and encourage others to come along.

This needs to be seen at the British Association for Counselling Conferences – national and regional and the British Psychology Society’s conference

autobiographically Biographical

the journey of a portrayal

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